Development Strategies

Strategy 2020 - 2025, Vision to 2030

  • Strategic objectives: To become the leading Group of sustainable agricultural development solutions in Vietnam.
  • Market share ojectives: Dominate the seed market in Vietnam (crop seed and vegetable seed), accounting for 50% market share
  • Growth target: Maintain a stable growth rate of 20% / year.

Product Positioning

  • Increase the proportion of copyrighted products, shift the structure of products to business efficiency, and reduce pressure on infrastructure.
  • Focus on developing product lines of productivity, quality, resistance to pests and diseases, climate change adaptation to climate change (drought, lodging, salt tolerance, ...)
  • Developing and expanding business lines in the value chain of agricultural products, focusing on developing branded products, high-tech and organic agricultural products, focusing on high-end domestic and export segments.

Corporate Management Objectives

  • Upgrade an advanced, transparent management system and improving working processes, managing risks, applying comprehensive software in management.

  • Improve the organization's leadership capacity, focus on training resources.
  • Continuously improve and innovate the organization and corporate governance to meet international requirements.
  • Building a culture of discipline and responsibility in the business.


Strategic activities

  • Focusing on investment in expanding the scale, innovating technology to improve the competitiveness of enterprises.
  • Focusing on investment in R&D to create high quality and productivity product lines adapting to climate change, pioneering the application of hi-tech agricultural production.
  • Developing a high qualified human resources for integration with global.
  • Renovating the governance system, building a culture of discipline and solidarity in the business.